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Kasim Armagan Korkmaz, Fuat Demir, Mustafa Sivri
JoAnn Browning, Y. Roger Li, Abraham Lynn
Zhu Jie-jiang, Zhang Pei-jun, Lü Xi-Iin, Rong Bai-sheng
Suyamburaja Arulselvan, K. Subramanian, E. B. Perumal Pillai, A. R. Santhakuma
Salah El-Din Fahmy Taher, Hamdy Mohy El-Din Afefy
T. Albanesi, S. Biondi, E. Candigliota, A. LeMaoult, C. Nuti
M. Leipold
Farhad Akhoundi, Graça Vasconcelos, Paulo Lourenço
Anténio Arêde, André Furtado, José Melo, Hugo Rodrigues, Humberto Varum, Nuno Pinto
Maria Teresa De Risi, Mariano Di Domenico, Paolo Ricci, Gerardo Mario Verderame, Gaetano Manfredi
Dmytro Dizhur, Kevin Walsh, Ivan Giongo, Hossein Derakhshan, Jason Ingham
André Furtado, Hugo Rodrigues, António Arêde, Humberto Varum
Ibrahim Serkan Misir, Ozgur Ozcelik, Sadik Can Girgin, Umut Yucel
Manuel Fernando Paulo Pereira, MF Pereira, JE Ferreira, Paulo B Lourenço
Yi-Hsuan Tu, Tsung-Hua Chuang, Pai-Mei Liu, Yuan-Sen Yang

Publication: Experimental Out-Of-Plane Behavior of Brick Masonry Infilled Frames (2018)


Farhad Akhoundi, Graça Vasconcelos, Paulo Lourenço


International Journal of Architectural Heritage

Preparation and upload by:

Filip Anic, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture Osijek, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek

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Publication abstract (click to enlarge):

This article presented and discussed the results of an experimental campaign carried out on traditional brick masonry infills of south European countries under out-of-plane loading simulated through an airbag. The influence of previous in-plane damage, central openings and workmanship in the out-of-plane performance was analyzed.


It is important to gather better insi

Test setup: Experimental Out-Of-Plane Behavior of Brick Masonry Infilled Frames

Test setup type:

RC frame


Storey count:

Diagram (scan):

Diagram (data):

Test setup description (click to enlarge):

Cracking pattern of the specimens:

(a)SIF-O-1L-A; (b)SIF-O-1L-B; (c)PIF-O-1L-B; (d)SIF-IO(0.3%)-2L(NC)-B; (e)SIF-IO(0.5%)-2L(NC)-B; and (f)

Experiment: PIF-O-1L-B

Diagram (data):

Experiment type:

Experimental Pushover


This publication


Concrete strength:
20 - 25 MPa
Steel strength:
Masonry strength:
1.17 - 1.59 MPa
Concrete young modulus:
Steel young modulus:
Masonry young modulus:
1154.8 - 1258.6 MPa
Area moment of inertia:


X values:
Y values:

Experiment description (click to enlarge):

Centric window opening, no previous damage, single leafed wall made by mason B


Concrete strength:     C 20/25

Steel strength:        A400NR, with a yielding tensile strength of 400MPa

Masonry strength:      External leaf: 1.17 MPa (COV of 4.8%);



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