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Publication: Analysis of dynamic testing performed on structural clay tile infilled frames (1994)


Joele Johnston Fowler


Oak Ridge National Lab.(ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)

Preparation and upload by:

Filip Anic, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture Osijek, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek

Publication type:

PhD Thesis


Publication abstract (click to enlarge):

This thesis presents both dynamical in-plane and out-of-plane tests on single bay and single storey steel structure with masonry infill. Two frames were connected by a slab and steel truss.


Static testing, in- and out-of-plane, is presently being performed on clay tile infilled frame to obtain more information on structural characteristics of these these types of systems. T

Test setup: Accelemeter readings from the third out-of-plane seismic test

Test setup type:

steel lab structure


Storey count:

Diagram (scan):

Diagram (data):

Experiment: Center of slab

Diagram (data):

Experiment type:

Experimental time-history


This publication


Concrete strength:
Steel strength:
400 - 550 MPa
Masonry strength:
31.37 MPa
Concrete young modulus:
Steel young modulus:
200000 MPa
Masonry young modulus:
Area moment of inertia:


X values:
Y values:


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